SKU: SSSS001 (250 ct. tub)

SKU: SSSS002 (80 ct. can)


Product Description: Disinfectant wipes produced by Northwest Solutions in Bellingham WA. The solution is 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% purified water. The wipes evaporate cleanly and leave no residue. The United States Center for Disease Control has recommended a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution for disinfecting surfaces. Perfect locations for these wipes include but are not limited to: counters, glass, door knobs, restrooms, and other hard surfaces. Each wipe is 6” x 8”. 

For 250 ct. Tubs:

Packing: Single Tub (250 ct), Case of 4 Tubs, Pallet (336 Tubs)

80ct. cases of 50 cans, 12 cases per pallet. 

Up to 100 Tubs: $30

101-999 Tubs: $29

1000+ Tubs: $28

For 80 ct. Cans

Up to 50 Cans: $6

51-100 Cans: $5

100+ Cans: $4

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