Child Face Shields: CNW USA

APET 35mm


Product Description: Whatcom County Made face shields that are just the right side for Children, especially those under the age of 5! Perfect for schools,  summer camps, and more! Masks can be psychologically damaging, especially for very young children. Face shields allow children, who struggle to social distance, to be protected for interpersonal contact without obscuring their peers' faces. Moreover, masks are lost easily, and need to be replaced often.

The "Additional Photos" Section show a graph that displays how the savings begin within less than ten days when using a face shield vs. single use masks. This is assuming that a child will go through 1 mask per day. It doesn't take much to imagine a child going through more than that! 

The shield is made of APET plastic. The printing on the top is UV proof so the padding does  not heat or degrade. The padding is a full 35mm thick. 

Price: $7, minimum order 5 

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