About Simma PPE

Simma mobilized decades of expertise in international trade and added our social entrepreneurship values to help bridge the COVID 19 generated supply gap of personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer and dispensers, and cleaning and disinfecting supplies. We primarily source from and contract with American manufacturers and use imports from China to fill out the gaps. We maintain inventory in Bellingham WA, Berwyn PA, Moorpark CA and Vernon NJ.  Our network of sales representatives offers personalized service, a core value. We care about every order no matter the size and we work terribly hard to always keep our promises.

Stay tuned as our joint-venture with Christensen Net Works, SIMMA SAN, launches its American made aesthetically pleasing, personalized touchless hand sanitizer dispensers and USA made uniquely scented liquid hand sanitizer products.

​Giving Back

​One of our core tenants is to be of service to those who need it most. To that end, we have made the following donations

  • ​Navajo Indian communities (2) in AZ
  • Lakota Indian communities in South Dakota
  • Skagit Valley Disabled Veterans
  • Boys and Girls Club of Skagit Valley
  • Nurses in CO, Missouri, Florida, NJ, IL
  • Elderly communities in California

We rally people to pay it forward. Many customers around the country buy from us to pay it forward to their local communities.

  • ​Simma PPE was born out of the desire to help people and we are proud to know that we have saved lives and thousands of jobs.
  • We provide a steady supply of a wide range of products to meet changing customer needs.
  • We care so much about quality and certifications.
  • We are committed to helping businesses be compliant with local regulations and return to work.
  • While we do import certain products in order to meet immediate need, we have now created USA jobs and are expanding.

Can't find what you're looking for? 

Simma PPE is committed to helping businesses in America re-open safely with the protective gear they need. If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know. We'll do our best to source the PPE you need.